U&F Season 3

U&F Season 3 Episode 5 – Delayed

As the title says, the next episode of U&F S3 is delayed due to a power cut in my area. The electricity has been out all afternoon and only just come on, and since I have a Patreon episode also due today, that’s the work that takes priority. So my apologies to all those who were expecting an episode today. Power outages permitting, Episode 5 will go live tomorrow.

Meanwhile ...

Recording Legion 8, and Waiting …

I’ve been recording U&F Legion episode 8 today. It’s a big chapter. I’ve been recording for an hour and I’m only halfway through. But then some neighbour started up a big power tool (power washer? big drill?) so I had to stop. It’s been buzzing away for about ten minutes now with no sign of stopping, so I thought I’d blog about how I’m sitting here waiting it out.

What’s really annoying is, there’s a big storm coming in tonight and through tomorrow, so that’ll kibosh recording too. Arg! Oh for a soundproof booth, eh? I’ll have to stick it on the wish board or whatever those things are called and dream really hard till I get one.

Meanwhile ...

Sea Swim

I went for a sea swim with my wife on Saturday. Sea was cold, obviously, but once we were dried off and settled down with hot water bottles and coffee, we soon warmed up. Tesco’s ginger chocolate biscuits also helped, as did the sun when it came out shortly after the above pic was taken. You can see the sky clearing in the pic below. A great start to the day.

Patreon Podcasts

Meanwhile Podcast at Patreon

The November episode of Mike Bennett Meanwhile, the podcast I do with my wife, Pauline, is now online at Patreon for patrons at the $1 and over level.

It’s a news and chat show thing where Pauline asks me about the stuff I’m doing at the moment, and we share updates about the books we’re reading and the shows we’re watching on TV.

You need to be a $1+ patron to listen, but to become one, and plug into this and (at $3+) the 70 or so episodes of Underwood and Flinch at Patreon, follow this link: https://www.patreon.com/mikebennett