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U&F Volume 4 Now Completed at Patreon

The fourth book in the Underwood and Flinch Saga is now available in its complete first draft state at Patreon. The story, which follows on from U&F: Underground, is currently called U&F: Legion (though this will soon change to U&F: The Devil of Claverton).

The podcast is 13 episodes long and continues Underwood’s backstory from where it left off in U&F: Blood and Smoke (or Season 2, if you’re thinking in terms of podcasts).

In it, we travel to Colonial America in the year 1719, where Underwood goes in search of his lost love, Martha. Though little does he know, he himself is the object of a search by his persistent nemesis, Henry Verlaine.

You can access Legion/The Devil of Claverton, and over fifty other U&F podcasts that have not yet aired in my free podcast, by becoming a patron of mine at Patreon. Just sign up at the $3 a month level (or the equivalent in your local currency, which you’ll see reflected on the site when you go there). Then copy your unique Patreon RSS code into your podcast app* (they’ll email it to you). And then all my Patreon podcasts – at your pledge level – will appear in your app, just like those of any other podcast.


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Patreon Podcasts

U&F Legion Episode 9 at Patreon

The ninth episode of U&F Legion is now live exclusively at my Patreon page.
Legion is the main story that follows on from U&F Underground. If you’d like to join me at Patreon, my advice is to wait until the start of next month, because Patreon charge you when you sign up for the month you sign up in, and then again at the start of every month thereafter.

The U&F podcast series is available at the US$3 pledge level. Yes, just $3 (or your local currency equivalent) for over 70 U&F podcasts, plus exclusive news podcasts and various other ditties. So make a note in your new 2022 diary to become a patron of mine on January 1st. You know you need it 😁

Patreon Podcasts

Meanwhile Podcast at Patreon

The November episode of Mike Bennett Meanwhile, the podcast I do with my wife, Pauline, is now online at Patreon for patrons at the $1 and over level.

It’s a news and chat show thing where Pauline asks me about the stuff I’m doing at the moment, and we share updates about the books we’re reading and the shows we’re watching on TV.

You need to be a $1+ patron to listen, but to become one, and plug into this and (at $3+) the 70 or so episodes of Underwood and Flinch at Patreon, follow this link: