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More Videos Online at YouTube.

Pardon my slackness in posting the news, but I’ve added a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel lately and I forgot to share the news on my own website – Doh!

The uploads include a live reading of Underwood and Flinch: Night Crossing recorded at the Wexworlds sci-fi and fantasy convention in Ireland in 2016 …

… A peek into my fridge when I was living in England back in 2015 …

… A video of my Underwood and Flinch short story, Incident at a Crossroads

… A video in which I share my inner doubts about the wisdom of sharing the news of the U&F TV series with the world …

… And last but absolutely not least, the whole season of my written-for-TV sitcom, Glitterballs. Long-standing listeners may remember my podcast of the show a few years ago. It’s set in a ballroom dancing venue in England in the 1990s. Due to hard times, the owner has to reluctantly hire the venue out to a live rock music promoter with (hopefully, depending on your sense of humour) plenty of amusing consequences.

All six episodes are available in a dedicated YouTube playlist. And here’s Episode One …

So, I hope there’s something in there for you – preferably all of it 😄 And if you’re interested in my future video content, then do please subscribe to my YouTube channel. That way if I forget to post news of uploads here again, you’ll still know about them anytime you visit YouTube.

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U&F Podcast – Season 4, Episode 1 + Season 3 Recap Episode.

Underwood and Flinch Season 4 has now begun in my podcast feed. Look out for the separate Season 3 recap episode for those whose memory needs a jog. It’s just before S4-E1.









How many of my listeners have thought to themselves that Underwood and Flinch would make a good TV series? Have you? Well, that possibility just got a little closer to becoming a reality. Take a look …

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U&F Volume 4 Now Completed at Patreon

The fourth book in the Underwood and Flinch Saga is now available in its complete first draft state at Patreon. The story, which follows on from U&F: Underground, is currently called U&F: Legion (though this will soon change to U&F: The Devil of Claverton).

The podcast is 13 episodes long and continues Underwood’s backstory from where it left off in U&F: Blood and Smoke (or Season 2, if you’re thinking in terms of podcasts).

In it, we travel to Colonial America in the year 1719, where Underwood goes in search of his lost love, Martha. Though little does he know, he himself is the object of a search by his persistent nemesis, Henry Verlaine.

You can access Legion/The Devil of Claverton, and over fifty other U&F podcasts that have not yet aired in my free podcast, by becoming a patron of mine at Patreon. Just sign up at the $3 a month level (or the equivalent in your local currency, which you’ll see reflected on the site when you go there). Then copy your unique Patreon RSS code into your podcast app* (they’ll email it to you). And then all my Patreon podcasts – at your pledge level – will appear in your app, just like those of any other podcast.


*Note. Spotify does not work with the Patreon RSS code at the time of this blog post.


Almacena: Capital of Spanish Rural Tourism 2021

A small nugget of info. In U&F, the fictional town of Almacena is based on a real-life town called Olvera, in Cadiz, Andalucia. I was living there when I first got the idea for U&F, and the town became the main location for the story. I follow a couple of Facebook pages about the place, and today I saw that town has just appeared on a Spanish stamp celebrating rural tourism. In fact, it’s become the “Capital del Turismo Rural 2021”.

If you have a great memory for detail, maybe you can recall Underwood stashing a bag of clothes in the rocky seat of the castle? Well, you can see both rocky seat, and castle, in the pic (the building at the highest point). While fictional places like La Reina de Corazones and the restaurant Gerald referred to as “The Blazing Sausage” were loosely based on a bar and restaurant in the foreground area of the pic at at the bottom. In reality, there were no British pubs in the town, at least when I was there, I made that bit up based on the kind of places you find on the coast.

If you’d like a closer look at the place, here’s a recent YouTube video (07:41 length). It’s in Spanish, but you can always choose subtitles, or just look at the imagery: https://youtu.be/7h_PaDS1Zg4