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New Q&A Podcast Video

Well, I say “new”, what I mean is, new to the vast majority of my listeners. This was originally recorded in November 2016 and has previously only been available at the $5+ pledge level at my Patreon. It’s a listeners’ Q&A session, much like U&F After Hours, but one you’ve never heard before (unless you’re a $5+ patron of mine). The questions are:

1. When did you start writing; and why?

2. In those early days, how did you approach the novel – I know you started One Among The Sleepless and took the decision to podcast it, what made you decide to do that, and how did you make the word count?

3. How do you approach outlining a plot, what methods do you use?

4. Were there any particular snags you hit with the production/writing of U&F 1, and similarly, how has your workflow changed now?

5. You read a lot of H.P Lovecraft’s stories; Do you plan to write some of your own original horror stories?

Meanwhile ...

Phone Drama

Pauline dropped her phone. It cracked the face. It seemed okay for a while, but then it started repeatedly – and constantly – phoning emergency services, hanging up, then redialling. We couldn’t stop it. If we turned it off, it’d turn itself back on again (Hello Moto!). We couldn’t take the back off to get the battery out because it was practically welded closed. So, only one solution remaining…

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More Videos Online at YouTube.

Pardon my slackness in posting the news, but I’ve added a bunch of videos to my YouTube channel lately and I forgot to share the news on my own website – Doh!

The uploads include a live reading of Underwood and Flinch: Night Crossing recorded at the Wexworlds sci-fi and fantasy convention in Ireland in 2016 …

… A peek into my fridge when I was living in England back in 2015 …

… A video of my Underwood and Flinch short story, Incident at a Crossroads

… A video in which I share my inner doubts about the wisdom of sharing the news of the U&F TV series with the world …

… And last but absolutely not least, the whole season of my written-for-TV sitcom, Glitterballs. Long-standing listeners may remember my podcast of the show a few years ago. It’s set in a ballroom dancing venue in England in the 1990s. Due to hard times, the owner has to reluctantly hire the venue out to a live rock music promoter with (hopefully, depending on your sense of humour) plenty of amusing consequences.

All six episodes are available in a dedicated YouTube playlist. And here’s Episode One …

So, I hope there’s something in there for you – preferably all of it 😄 And if you’re interested in my future video content, then do please subscribe to my YouTube channel. That way if I forget to post news of uploads here again, you’ll still know about them anytime you visit YouTube.

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U&F Podcast – Season 4, Episode 1 + Season 3 Recap Episode.

Underwood and Flinch Season 4 has now begun in my podcast feed. Look out for the separate Season 3 recap episode for those whose memory needs a jog. It’s just before S4-E1.








Covid Christmas, and The Shadow over Innsmouth

Here I am on Christmas Day giving the dogs some festive treats while trying not to catch Pauline’s Covid – even though by that time I was showing symptoms, despite my test that day being negative. We gave up on the masks and semi-isolating a few hours after this was taken, however, since my symptoms made it glaringly obvious that I was infected. A number of friends of mine have reported testing negative for days whilst highly symptomatic, before finally testing positive as the symptoms started to abate. Maybe that’ll happen with me. I dunno. Whatever, Covid.

Pauline’s turned the corner now and is feeling a bit better, but I’m a few days behind. I have mild symptoms. Nothing to write home about. It’s just a pain in the arse more than anything else. We’ve decided to postpone our Christmas dinner etc till the end of the week when we’ll hopefully both be over it.

In other news, I made an epic video/audiobook of my 2013 reading of Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth. I was able to clean all the music off to avoid copyright hassles (which is a pity, because I loved the music I used on the original podcast) and join all the chapters into one big recording which you can now find at YouTube. So if you fancy a return trip to Innsmouth, allow me to take you there.

And hey, if you listen at YouTube, please like and subscribe. Many thanks!!

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Another video from me!! Okay, so I know it may seem like I’m making a lot of these (I am), but that’s because I’m learning how this stuff works, and the only way to learn is by doing, right? So, this is the latest, and this is the format I think I’ll likely settle into. A video log podcast. A VlogCast.

This first episode is mostly me sharing my video-making history at YouTube, and the various attempts at utilising the platform to market my podcasts (all of them unsuccessful, of course).

I also chat briefly with my old podcasting pal, John Mierau. So, give it a watch – preferably at YouTube – and if you like it, please give it a like. And if you don’t want to miss my next video, then please subscribe while you’re there too.

Huzzah!! And Merry Christmas!!!

John Mierau’s Serving Worlds: https://servingworlds.com

p.s. Re: Pauline’s Covid. She’s feeling a bit better today. Hopefully, she’s now over the worst.