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U&F in Hawaii

Aloha! My thanks to Anne Smith in Hawaii, who joins me as a contributor to the U&F Merch Around The World gallery with these two pics. One is taken near Diamond Head, the other on the beach on Oahu, Hawaii. The Ribena is a reference to a detail in my unfinished work, Still of the Night at Patreon. A nice touch, I think.

If you have U&F merch and you’d like to share it with me and the world, take a pic of it near a local landmark and send it to “mike @ mikebennettauthor . com” (no gaps in the email address). Don’t forget to say where it’s taken. And if you don’t have U&F merch, why not get some today from my Redbubble store? You can be the coolest person on your street … if only everyone else understood why 😊

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