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U&F Merch Around the World

Hello there! So, first off, I posted a new podcast yesterday, so check your feeds for U&F After Hours 3. Just me on the show this time; Pauline was at work when I was recording and I felt I couldn’t postpone being in your ears another moment longer.

Also, I had a great idea!! Or at least what I think is a great idea …

Are you the proud owner of an item of U&F merch? If so, this idea involves you (if you’re game). And if not, then buy some immediately from my RedBubble store! Click here

Then, once you have whatever it is your heart desires, rush out to your nearest local landmark and take a pic of yourself, and/or your item of merch, in front of the local landmark. I went out in Wexford Town today to do just that …

The one on the left is me (modelling one of my U&F tees) with the Pikeman in Wexford Town, and the one on the right is one of my U&F mugs with Admiral John Barry, credited with being the father of the US Navy (he was born in Wexford).

Now, I realise you may not have a significant local landmark where you live. We can’t all have an Eiffel Tower or a Statue of Liberty on our doorstep. But maybe you have a favourite shop, pub, or supermarket where you could take a selfie with your merch? While it may be “boring old Walmart” to you, to other people around the world it’s a completely new thing that they’ve never seen before. For example, here’s me in front of one of my favourite Wexford shops, Red Books in St Peter’s Square …

Red Books, Wexford Town.

And then, once you’ve taken your photo, email it to me at: mike @ mikebennettauthor .com (minus the gaps), and I can then start a gallery of pics called U&F Merch Around the World. “What a great idea!” I hear you cry. “I hope someone else does it, because I’m not going to.” Nooooooo! You have to do it, yes, you! Because those other peeps, they won’t do it. They never do. So, be one of the happy few, and join me in theU&F Merch Around the World gallery. It’ll be awesome! šŸ˜Š

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