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New Q&A Podcast Video

Well, I say “new”, what I mean is, new to the vast majority of my listeners. This was originally recorded in November 2016 and has previously only been available at the $5+ pledge level at my Patreon. It’s a listeners’ Q&A session, much like U&F After Hours, but one you’ve never heard before (unless you’re a $5+ patron of mine). The questions are:

1. When did you start writing; and why?

2. In those early days, how did you approach the novel – I know you started One Among The Sleepless and took the decision to podcast it, what made you decide to do that, and how did you make the word count?

3. How do you approach outlining a plot, what methods do you use?

4. Were there any particular snags you hit with the production/writing of U&F 1, and similarly, how has your workflow changed now?

5. You read a lot of H.P Lovecraft’s stories; Do you plan to write some of your own original horror stories?

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