Covid Christmas, and The Shadow over Innsmouth

Here I am on Christmas Day giving the dogs some festive treats while trying not to catch Pauline’s Covid – even though by that time I was showing symptoms, despite my test that day being negative. We gave up on the masks and semi-isolating a few hours after this was taken, however, since my symptoms made it glaringly obvious that I was infected. A number of friends of mine have reported testing negative for days whilst highly symptomatic, before finally testing positive as the symptoms started to abate. Maybe that’ll happen with me. I dunno. Whatever, Covid.

Pauline’s turned the corner now and is feeling a bit better, but I’m a few days behind. I have mild symptoms. Nothing to write home about. It’s just a pain in the arse more than anything else. We’ve decided to postpone our Christmas dinner etc till the end of the week when we’ll hopefully both be over it.

In other news, I made an epic video/audiobook of my 2013 reading of Lovecraft’s The Shadow over Innsmouth. I was able to clean all the music off to avoid copyright hassles (which is a pity, because I loved the music I used on the original podcast) and join all the chapters into one big recording which you can now find at YouTube. So if you fancy a return trip to Innsmouth, allow me to take you there.

And hey, if you listen at YouTube, please like and subscribe. Many thanks!!

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