Irish Passport

I was delighted today to finally receive my Irish passport. It marks the end of a two-year process (and not a cheap one, either), but it’s all been worth it. I shall raise a Guinness or two tonight to celebrate. Sláinte!

2 thoughts on “Irish Passport”

  1. Congratulations Mike! I’ve been thinking about applying for a Norwegian passport (also a long and convoluted process) since I’ve got no plans on returning to the UK. Hope all is well with you. Btw, whatever happened with your Star Trek episode ideas? Regards, Dan Richards.


    1. Hi Dan! Good to hear from you after all these years! So you’re in Norway? That must be fun.

      My Star Trek ideas? God, I don’t even remember what they were 😄 It’s such a long time ago. They would have been for The Next Generation – or what is now the old age pension generation, so I don’t think they’d be much use even if I could remember them. Ho-ho.

      Ta vare på deg selv!


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